Hey there, this one is a simple site to showcase some of work done during my career as an IT freelancer.

Building both BIG & small website freelance jobs

No job is too small. You may have a small request like landing pages, personal website or a profile page - I want to hear from you.Or you may have a grand vision. You have a big idea. You need a developer to help you realize it - I want to hear from you.

About Me

Having completed my IT degree in Monash Caulfield, Australia in 2004, I didnt involve myself in IT until late 2009.

After graduation, I got permanant residency and worked for Commonwealth Bank & ANZ Bank for four years combined. Being the nerd I am, I never stopped experimenting with new IT tech and helping friends with their projects. In late 2009, I finally left the banking industry (and Australia) and has been in IT ever since.

I take on most of the projects myself. With bigger and urgent projects, I collaborate with my associates to meet my client's deadlines.

My last name is Chong, not Ng. Its a common misconception.

Here's my linked in profile and my google business profile. I can be reached via whatsapp or e-mail at the top of this page.

Nature of my work & my clients

Most of my clients are SMEs & self employed. On some rare occasion I do get to work with big companies like Honda, Proton and Citibank, directly and indirectly.

Majority of the my work involves CMS, or Content Management Systems such as Wordpress.

My strength lies in customization & adding functionalities to these systems, with a specific purpose of automating a proccess or solving a problem.

Currently working on:

As at September 2020

Flying Yoga Cat
Class booking system, paying with pre-purchased points/credits.

LST Precision
Company Profile site for an Industrial Engineering Company specialising in bowl feeders

Past Projects:

Toyota Malaysia
Select Options & Quote Price

Chan Kitchen Furniture
Customize Kitchen Cabinet & Quote

The Good Stuff
E-commerce for Liquor

E-commerce for Vape

Company Website (Multilanguage)

Ground Up
Company Website

Startooling Sdn Bhd
Company Website

KLM Gift
Retail Company

Running App

Company Website

ONE Soho
Residential Condominium

Malaysia Vape News

E-commerce Website